Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sula charging 3x the MRP of bottled water

Two weeks ago, I paid Rs 150 for 3 bottles of bottled water of MRP 18(total MRP 54, but what I paid 150). On top of this, I paid 12.5% VAT and 10% service charge. 

When I took this up with Sushant Joshi(DGM-Hospitality), his approach was quite arrogant and dismissive, he said that Sula can charge what they want for water. When I told him that law does not allow this and that Sula can be fined for this, he said we can do what we want, but we have to pay this. Finally, we paid the amount overcharged, after he attached his card and wrote what it was charged for.

I did not expect a reputed brand like SULA to commit the illegal act of charging Rs 50 for a bottled water of MRP Rs 18.  I have requested redressal of refund of the overcharged amount, along with an apology compensation for the practice and my time spent on this-say waiver of the bill amount of Rs 3,200 as a goodwill gesture and compensation for the cheating done earlier. Also, the excess amount charged since inception should be refunded or donated to charity. 

Let me see how this works, in the meantime, I will avoid paying extra for bottled water at hotels, after all if one trusts the water used for food, there is no reason to doubt water used for other purposes.